Best Five WordPress Security Plugins

Limit Login Attempts

A hacker can easily crack a weak password, using the method of selection, as WordPress settings allow multiple introductions of information on the login page, or by sending special codes. The best way to protect your site from the method of selection of the password – is limiting the number of password attempts. Here are a few basic tasks that solve plug Limit Login Attempts:

  • A limited number of login attempts from the same IP-address
  • A limited number of login attempts with the help of cookies
  • Privacy settings on a server
  • Download WordPress Limit Login Attempts

Ultimate Security Checker

Ultimate security checker – will help to verify and identify the problems associated with the installation of WordPress. You need to install and run a scan that will ensure the safety of the hundreds of different threats to your site. This scanner can help you solve the security problems found.

Download Ultimate Security Checker

Better WP Security

Hackers know quite a lot about weak passwords, vulnerabilities of plugins and outdated software. Better WP security plugin offers a variety of loopholes and keep track of vulnerabilities that may affect safety.

  • Rename the Administrator Account
  • The path to the folder “wp-content”
  • Changes to the database table

BackWPup Free

Even taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of your blog WordPress, it may happen that you lose all your data. Therefore, you should always make regular copies of the database and the most important files stored on a blog/website. BackWPUp – is the most popular plug-in that performs an important function: backup your website.

  • It performs automatic backups
  • Database Backup
  • Backing up your important files
  • Storing backups in formats such as .zip, .tar, tar.gz, and others.


Wordfence is my choice. It’s all in one solution which can

  • limit login attempts
  • search for changed files
  • scan files for viruses with schedule
  • has the country and IP blocking
  • block range of IPs

Wordfence Security scans check all your files, comments and posts for URL’s in Google’s Safe Browsing list

Updated: May 7, 2019 — 8:29 pm

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