SubarnaChar housewife hanging body found

Abdul Bari Bablu: The body of a housewife, Amena Begum (22), was recovered in the Charbata Union of Subarnachare in Noakhali. After the incident, the deceased’s husband and father-in-law’s hometown are in the custody of the dowry. Police recovered the hanging body, but Meghla, a three-year-old girl was killed, her father Sheikh Farid beat her mother Amena (beating). She can not say anything more about She

Police recovered the dead body of Lipton’s house in West Charmajid village on Tuesday evening. The deceased was identified as Amena Begum, daughter of Rabiul Haque of South Charmajid village

Local sources said, that after watching the prayer in the afternoon, people of the house saw Amena cooked in the kitchen. After hearing the cry of the girl’s crying from their house at 5 pm, the people of the house could go inside and find Amena in the house with a rope tied around her neck. The deceased’s brother Abul Basar said that Amena was married to Sheikh Farid, son of Nur Mohammad of West Charmajid village in 2015. From then on, Farid beat Amena for dowry. Then they gave a CNG to Farid for the dowry money. But for the last few days, Farid is going to beat Amena again for the money. Amena told them about the matter. He complained that when Amena was cooking in the afternoon, Farid came to the house and took shelter from the kitchen and beat Amena and strangled him. Farid, who ran the CNG with the hanging of Amena’s body to run the incident as suicide, fled.

After visiting the house, Amena’s kitchen next to the house. While the police are still recovering from his body, the Amway stove and the rice water fountain. There is a piece of cock piece lying beside a container. On one side of the bed, there is a Quran Sharif, which he did in Salat after Salat. Her younger daughter is just screaming with her mother. There is a scarf in the hands of the corpse. There was a plastic rope sloppy in the neck and the legs of the body were unbearable. Locals are unable to accept Amena’s death. Everyone has been accused of killing him. This caused anger in them.

Officer-in-Charge of the police station said. Shahid Uddin said that the body was recovered after receiving the news and sent to the body for autopsy. Initially, nothing can be said about death. If necessary, we will take necessary action after receiving the complaint from the victim’s family.

Updated: May 7, 2019 — 8:09 pm

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