Remove the lice in the herbal way forever

We have to know first what causes the spread of lice? Basically if the hair is wet and the hair is dirty then the lice can spread quickly. Beginning from small to large adults, they suffer from lice problems. And the problem of lice is such a thing that when one enters home, it spreads quickly to everyone’s head.
If the problem of lice does not start easily once it starts. The lucrative problem of using lumps of shampoo in different companies of the stores decreases slightly, but it is not resolved permanently. Again, due to the effects of harmful chemicals in the destruction of the lice, many hair fall out of hair and become thin.
You can also keep these chemicals in the house at home to avoid trouble, using herbal poisonous solvent. These drops can be used for several days at home. And these herbal ingredients are available. Let us now know how to make use of indoor air pollution and how to use it.
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** Blackjir oil 100 g
** Amalakir oil 50 grams,
** Sesame oil is 100 grams and
** Neem leaves powder 2-3 table spoons.
Procedure for making lice killers
Mix all the ingredients together according to the rules, mix the mixture well. Keep warm and warm. Be careful not to bloom. Get rid of the time it takes to blossom. Then cool down and bottle.
** Before beginning use of this recipe, you will have to replace all the bed linen, pillow cover, and wash it with hot water. So that the lice may not be in any way.
** Wash everything with hot water and massage it with the solution on the head. No need to mix anything else. Those who have been bitten by lice, may feel irritable for a little while. All the hair together with the palms of the head will be massaged.
** After brushing the solution, after 2-3 hours, combine the hair with a fine / finicky teeth comb.
** Keep the shampoo and wash the hair after keeping it for about 3-4 hours in total.
** Using this herbal remedy 2 to 3 times you will realize that the amount of lice has decreased a lot. There will be no problem of lice in the regular use of the week. However, this solution should be used for at least three days a week.
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Updated: March 7, 2019 — 8:30 pm

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