Canada has 10 million job opportunities

Applicants for Canada Immigration apply a complete bio-data, family information, academic certificates, IELTS, ECA certificates, job experience certificates, bank statements, medical certificates, police clearance and other necessary documents.

Determine whether the eligibility is first, then by creating a profile, submit the papers in a specific time and wait for the draw. The whole process of application is completed through online.

Among the programs run by the Government of Canada, applicants can apply according to their qualifications:

Low Skild Trade

Applicants do not need IELTS to apply to this program. Only educational qualifications will be the SSC pass and related work skill skill certificates. However applicants must be in the age of 39 years

Saskatchewan Immigrant

Applying a very simple condition for some special professionals and getting an immigration visa at the earliest time.

If you are involved in one of the following profession, please process the file quickly without delay.

  • Computer or Information System Engineer / Analyst,
  • Civil Engineer
  • NGO Officer / Social Worker / Project Manager
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Agricultural Manager / Agriculture Officer,
  • Supply Chain / Purchase Manager
  • Alberta Immigrant
  • Graduation / Diploma

One-year experience in related work


Those with minimum qualifications, computer network technicians, software engineers, computer programmers, nurses, restaurant managers, salesmen, healthcare managers, accountants are now ready to apply. The program is open for you in January 2018.

Family Immigration

Under the Family Sponsorship, immigration is the easiest and fastest in Canada. But those who do not have close relatives will not get this opportunity.

Care giver

Stay in Canada with family in Canada for maximum six months. Only certified nurses can apply. Like all other conventional programs, 67 points or CRS 1200 points are not required. Those who have diploma or BSc (nurses) in nursing and have minimum IELTS-5, they get direct access to Canada with Jobs through the Live-In Caregiver Program (LCP). Children’s education and care, Geriatric Care, Pediatric Nursing or adult services or First Aid are mainly their main work.

Interested persons can contact the international immigration expert and directors of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Alhaj Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed, Chairman of Worldwide Migration Consultants Limited. You can send your full resume to this e-mail

Visa Step by Step to Work in Canada

Athletes or coaches

Aircraft accidents or incident investigators

Business Inspector

Civil Aviation Inspector

The clergy

Convention organizer

Crew members

Emergency service providers

Testers and evaluators

Expert witnesses or investigators

Family member of foreign delegation

Foreign government officials or representatives

Student of Health Services

Judge, referee or similar official

Military personnel

News reporter or film and media crew

Advertising Work Builder or Staff Member

Acting artist

The public speaker

Short-term highly skilled workers

Short-term researchers

Students work off campus

Campus work student

N.B:  if you do not have your work list listed here Immigration and citizenship Canada

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